FTS Resolve continues to expand its operations

FTS Resolve continues to expand its operations

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FTS Resolve continues to expand its operations

It has been just over six months since FTS sent three fibre splicing vans up the Hume Highway, expanding our services and operations to Brisbane – how time flies! Our expansion to Brisbane has been a resounding success, and we feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface. Our project in Brisbane perfectly highlights FTS’ broader ambitions to deliver turnkey services on a national scale.

Below we explore the why, what and ‘what next’ for our Brisbane-based operations.

Why we expanded to Brisbane?

In early January 2018 we saw an opportunity to provide support – in the form of fibre splicing and hauling services – to major telecommunication player TPG, on its telecommunication infrastructure expansion. Two weeks later and three splicing vans loaded with gear hit the road on the long journey up north.

The opportunity to expand to Brisbane was too good to pass up, and it matched our broader ambitions to provide our specialist services nationally.

What are we doing there?

Fibre splicing team leader Nathan Boburka is leading our ‘on the ground’ operations in Brisbane, supported by a splicing and hauling team with the latest gear at their disposal.

Partnering with TPG on their new telecommunications infrastructure network rollout – including some quite ambitious projects – FTS is providing our expert skills to complement TPG’s existing capabilities. Our extensive and trusted relationship with TPG made sure that FTS Resolve was the company they thought of to provide splicing and hauling assistance on this project. Nathan and his team have been kicking goals and representing our brand in Brisbane from the very beginning.

What does the future hold for FTS’ Brisbane operations?

With further ambition to grow our national brand, projects such as this one will become commonplace. We’re endeavoring to expand our service offering – firstly in Brisbane, then elsewhere – with our full electrical, civil and broader telecommunications turnkey services. We’re excited that the business is growing and we look forward to further showcasing our expert services on a national level.


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