FTS Resolve champions men’s health

FTS Resolve champions men’s health

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FTS Resolve champions men’s health

At FTS Resolve, we believe nothing is insurmountable, and that’s a philosophy that extends to men’s health. This month, FTS Resolve is shining a light on men’s health and wellbeing, with a focus on mental health. Find out how below.

What FTS is doing to support men’s health

Men standing in a circleNovember is Men’s Health Awareness Month and this year FTS hosted a breakfast to raise funds for leading men’s health charity, MovemberThe breakfast was the first ever event of its kind at FTS, with the team managing to raise more than $3,000 – a resounding success!

The aim of the breakfast and fundraising activity was to not only raise funds for a great cause, but also to start the conversation for team members from across the business about their mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, creating a workplace environment where men feel comfortable to discuss how they’re feeling. This includes educating the team about where they can go for help, and the systems that are in place to support them. This is why we invited Dr. Andy McMahon – from Tristar Medical Clinic in Epping – to attend the event. Dr. McMahon spoke about the issue of men’s health, providing practical health tips for the FTS team to implement.   

Workplace health and safety, and mental health

At FTS, we don’t cut corners when it comes to workplace health and safety, and we’re accredited to meet the highest safety standards.

Mental health and wellbeing impacts both our personal and work lives, and at FTS it forms part of our broader workplace health and safety conversation, because, as with any physical injury, it too can stop us from the doing things the things we used to enjoy.

In addition to our breakfast and Movember Foundation fundraising activity, FTS offers all employees access to employee assistance program (EAP) services. EAP is a year-round anonymous counselling service, facilitating multiple free sessions.

How you can help

Good mental health is a state of well-being where you feel like you’re able to work and cope with life’s changes and challenges. Sometimes when things aren’t going your way, it can be good to rely on family, friends and the community for support. If you, or someone you know is impacted by mental health, there are a range of support services available, such as Beyond Blue and Lifeline.

Conversations matter, and FTS aims to create a workplace environment where men can feel comfortable opening up a dialogue and having a conversation about their mental health.

To find out more information about our Men’s Health Awareness program, contact us todayOr, if you’d like to donate to our Movember team, you can do so through the Movember website.


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