How FTS Resolve is leading the way with its directional drill training program

How FTS Resolve is leading the way with its directional drill training program

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How FTS Resolve is leading the way with its directional drill training program

There’s no doubting that horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an in-demand service at the moment, particularly within the telecommunications industry. And with significant telecommunications infrastructure investment promises made by both state and federal governments, demand is set to continue.

With no formal industry-recognised directional drill training programs available, FTS has identified the opportunity to create a bespoke directional drill training program for team members. Drawing on years of combined knowledge and experience across a range of core drilling competencies, staff now have the ability to transform into highly skilled, proficient drill technicians.

Below FTS explains how it’s turning over new ground with its drill training program.

Utilise internal knowledge and experience

Guided by our experienced HDD leaders, such as drilling operations manager Chris Johnston, we’ve created a training program that encompasses both practical field-based ‘on the job’ training, and technical theory-based learning – so our team doesn’t just learn by seeing, but also by doing. And our trainees aren’t thrown in the deep end either, we’ve taken a staged approach, with entry points for all competencies, from beginner through to advanced.

Make professional development part of team culture

Developing individuals’ skills by providing cross and upskilling opportunities is something that’s engrained in the bedrock of our core culture and values. And the FTS directional drill training program is one great example of this in action.

Some of the topics covered in our drill training program are:

  • Jobsite evaluation and setup
  • DCI/utility locating
  • HDD safety
  • Drilling fluid testing and mixing
  • Drilling and pullback process
  • Equipment care and maintenance.

The safety of our team, our clients and the general public is paramount when conducting HDD operations, which is why all of our drilling team conduct induction training to safely identify, locate and protect underground services.

Think ‘internal capabilities’ first

By upskilling our workforce to handle skilled operations in-house, we’ve expanded our capabilities considerably. This has empowered us to take on more projects, of wider scale, quickly and cost-effectively (with less outsourcing). With another drill added to our fleet, our fully trained drill crews have a suite of rock and clay drills at their disposal, enabling us to complete more commercial-scale projects.

Looking for directional drilling services in Victoria, or Australia? Give us a call today on 1300 387 447 to discuss our commercial drilling services or request a copy of our company profile and explore our full suite of turnkey operations.

We empower all of our team and constantly keep an eye out for people who show promise and have a passion for what they do. If you’re interested in working at FTS Resolve we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today to express your interest.



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