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Head of Operations Steve Diver has performed many roles at FTS Resolve since he started the company with Jed and Carl in 2011. To name just a few:

  • Field technician
  • Team leader
  • Client services
  • Business development.

He now oversees all FTS operations and manages the workload of our technicians. Steve’s always investigating ways to increase productivity and efficiency while delivering an all-round positive outcome for FTS’ clients.

Life before FTS Resolve

Before starting FTS, Steve was a practicing technician with skills in hauling and splicing. He worked for companies like Skilled Communications and Lendlease, and even worked at Wembley Stadium during a work-and-travel stint in the UK.

“I went into the industry straight after high school as a hauler,” he says. “I always knew I wanted to start my own business, and I started up as a sole trader initially, which is where I was when Carl contacted me about starting FTS.”

My daily routine

You’ll find Steve in the office at 5am most days. He likes to get his emails and admin out of the way, and then gets stuck into providing support to his team. It’s a lot of phone calls and emails, solving issues, and planning projects.

“There’s never a dull moment,” Steve adds.

After work, it’s home to play with the kids. Two daughters aged 3 and 5 keep him busy enough until bed time!

When I’m not at work

Outside of work, Steve spends time with his wife Sarum and two daughters. He loves being with friends and family, and is a massive Melbourne Storm fan. He used to play a lot of sports himself, but things are a little busy at the moment (…we mentioned the two daughters, right?). He’s also working on restoring his dad’s 1953 FJ Ute.

Highlights of the job

Steve’s main highlight has been (in his words) “just the entire growth of the company.”

“We started out with one splicing van and a hauling truck. We now have over 50 staff members, directional drills, and multiple civil, hauling and splicing crews.”

It has been quite a journey, and one he wouldn’t trade for anything.

Though he’d like to do more of it, Steve’s favourite part of the job is getting on-site — planning, scoping work, taking notes, solving potential issues and bringing plans into action.

And, of course, he enjoys delivering projects and making clients happy!


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