FTS Resolve is working on the Mernda Rail Extension Project

FTS Resolve is working on the Mernda Rail Extension Project

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FTS Resolve is working on the Mernda Rail Extension Project

FTS Resolve is pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded a major contract for work on the Mernda Rail Extension Project. Our crew are already hard at work on the project, which should see the first test trains running by the end of September 2018. We’re thrilled to be working closely with VicTrack alongside John Holland, Metro Trains and KBR on this large, exciting piece of work.

About the project

The Mernda Rail Extension Project involves the extension of the metropolitan rail line from South Morang Station to the town of Mernda, 41km north-east of Melbourne CBD. As part of the build, three new train stations are also being constructed between South Morang and Mernda:

  • Middle Gorge
  • Hawkestowe
  • Mernda.

This project has been in planning for several years, promising to ease traffic congestion and meet commuter needs by adding 8km of new rail to the network, which is predicted to carry about 8,000 commuters every day. The Mernda Rail Extension will service the rapidly growing population in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Learn more about the planned works by watching this video from the Level Crossing Removal Authority:

FTS’ involvement

Our team will be installing approximately 35km of fibre optic cable, which we’ll also splice and test at multiple locations. The fibre optic cable will link the stations’ SCADA service – the network of software and hardware that allows the rail network to process signals and location data in real time – as well as linking the new Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) towers and communication lines for the new rail network extension.

The signal network our teams are building will enable trains to run efficiently along the new rail line. We’re happy to be involved in this major piece of infrastructure work, which is sure to meet public transport needs in the northern suburbs, making life easier for the people living there by linking these suburbs to the CBD.

If you’d like to know more about our team’s civil, drilling, splicing, hauling and electrical capabilities, get in touch and request a company profile.


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