We’re officially Federal Safety Commissioner Accredited!

We’re officially Federal Safety Commissioner Accredited!

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We’re officially Federal Safety Commissioner Accredited!


The FTS Resolve team are excited to announce that as of March 2018, we’re now officially accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner of Australia (FSC).

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What does FSC accreditation mean for FTS?

For us, this means that our safety systems and procedures effectively and accurately reflect our commitment to best practices around health and safety. Having FSC accreditation puts our safety practices amongst the top building and construction industry businesses in Australia. We’re proud of our focus on safety, and our team is passionate about utilising our systems effectively while out in the field.

This accreditation reaffirms our proactive attitude towards health and safety, as well as our tireless efforts and strong ambition to obtain work on larger-scale projects with exciting companies. FTS Resolve is in a better position than ever to work directly on government funded projects, with the proven ability to meet the government’s high safety standards. This FSC accreditation demonstrates that we’re serious about carrying out work to the highest standard possible – especially when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our workers. We’re well equipped to take on whatever new challenges our clients throw at us.

What is the FSC?

The Federal Safety Commissioner was set up by the Australian Government in 2005 to promote workplace health and safety in the building industry, and to also audit compliance to the National Construction Code and Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme. Essentially, the FSC works with companies in the building and construction space to promote healthier, safer workplaces.

In our industry, health and safety is paramount. The FSC exists to ensure businesses in the space are doing everything they can to make safety systems more streamlined and effective.

Only 445 businesses in Australia have an FSC accreditation*. The process to becoming accredited involves extensive auditing carried out by the FSC, and many businesses end up going through several rounds of audits.

You can find out more about the Federal Safety Commissioner and what they do by reading the FSC fact sheet.

What’s next?

Our team will provide ongoing reporting to the FSC to ensure we retain our accreditation through excellent safety standards. We’ll submit reporting to the FSC every six months to meet their ongoing compliance requirements. This process will ensure that we are consistently monitoring, maintaining and building upon our high standards of safety.

What an effort!

Finally, we’d like to take the chance to celebrate and thank our wonderful team of hard-working, extremely diligent and dedicated FTS workers. From the people who took care of the administration involved in submitting and managing our application, to our team out in the field who continue to improve our safety standards every day – gaining this FSC accreditation has been a massive effort. We are confident that FTS Resolve will continue to be positioned as a leader in the industry for health and safety measures, as well as high quality work.


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* As at 18 April, 2018. Provided by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.


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