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The Department of Employment forecasts an increasing demand for telecommunications trades workers, particularly while the NBN rolls out across Australia. And yet, many companies in the industry (yes, us included) are feeling the lack of skilled workers.

Infrastructure projects will only continue to grow in the coming years, and the need for skilled workers in this area will also increase. We’ll always need roads, railways and telecommunications networks to keep us connected – so, we’ll always need the people who can make these projects happen. That’s why FTS Resolve offers a great reason for skilled workers to join our team, and stay.

We manage to find and retain great talent by offering:


The value of permanency in a job is that you will generally have set hours and the chance to progress in your career. At FTS, we’re looking to engage people for the long term, to help us build our business into the future. That means we offer not only fair pay rates, but also the security of steady, permanent work and the chance to be a part of something exciting.


There’s also a level of security that comes with a permanent position. If you’ve got a family, a mortgage or other commitments, you’ll need secure work that you can rely on. And it’s not just the secure hours and paycheck that bring peace of mind, but also the culture and integrity of the team you join.

Professional Development

Because FTS Resolve is a turnkey provider, there’s huge opportunity within the business for our people to upskill in new areas and develop themselves professionally. You may start out as a hauler and work your way into splicing or project management.


Skilled workers are an investment. That’s why we offer training and support to build the confidence and experience of our team members, so they can become even more valuable to us. Workplace support involves professional development programs, ongoing training and regular check ins from management.


Another thing we offer our workers is a great team culture that demonstrates our core values. We hire people that will fit in well with our culture, because we know that if we treat them well, they’ll do the right thing by us and treat our clients well. We don’t mind having a bit of a laugh, and find it important to bring a great attitude to work.


At FTS Resolve, we know that finding skilled people isn’t just about slapping a job ad up on Seek. We work with our networks and trusted recruiters to find the best talent, and keep them.

Sometimes the best workers are right in front of our eyes! This happened recently when a supplier was running training sessions with us and we happened to engage him in discussion about working for us.

Interested in joining the FTS team? Get in touch by contacting us online or giving our office a call on 1300 387 447.


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